Product development & Support

Creating a new software product is a challenging task that needs careful planning & dedicated execution. TechTeer Systems seamlessly integrates with the client team in order to convert 'vision' into 'execution' while the Client's onsite resources are best left for roles that are customer-facing and help in prioritizing the product feature-set. The Client team's domain knowledge and market understanding is well-complemented by Techteer Systems ‘s technical, process and management expertise acquired by the scores of product development engagements it has undertaken.

Building Predictability in New Product Engineering

Techteer Systems Product Development service covers the entire spectrum of activities involved in taking a product from idea to reality. We get deeply involved with our customers to understand their business, their customers, competitors and other key drivers. Utilizing this understanding we lay out the roadmap for a product that can exceed market and user expectations.

We understand that all products necessarily go through a lot of flux in the initial stages. We have customized our methodologies to suit the ever-changing requirements and have built a mindset in our resources who are capable of handling such uncertainty. Our goal is to achieve predictable quality and ship on a predictable date while using predictable budgets.

Infact, such is the level of our confidence that we give a written guarantee that we will match or exceed our Clients' expectations or else we do not invoice.

We Offer Product Development Models
  1. On Project Basis :

    If the Software requirements are clearly visible to client and scope is well defined where project duration is calculable, we provide comprehensive end-to-end software development services for the entire duration of the project.

  2. Offshore Development Center :

    Projects that may continue for a period of 2-3 years with updates required periodically, we provide an Offshore Development Center for the duration of the project.

  3. Offshore-Onshore Model :

    Usually for technological software development, there is a need to keep in touch with the clients engineering team. In such cases our software development team is spread over regions: onshore at client's technology center, offshore at Techteer Systems development centres

  4. Shared Development :

    Tecteer Systems also works on joint ventures where the project size is very big and nature is complex; where different expertise are required to include all models to work in sync.

Product Development Lifecycle(PDL)
  1. Product Development Scope:

    Client's idea of the product, its conceptualization, virtual plan or flow chart corroborating its feasibility is the first step to start with. Product development based on the client's ideas and bottom-line that is desired and final product blue print is finalized in the scope of work.

  2. Product Design:

    We help our customer to identify the right choice of developing the product and its platform. This helps customer in saving money during product development efforts and also reduce product cost when it distributes to end users. We use product design tools including UML & Rational. Product will undergo complete software design as per the software engineering standards. We offer Waterfall, Interactive, Spiral, and SDLC Methodology for product development.

    At the end of the product design phase, all the components, screen, output, interface, graphical designs etc. are gelled. All the required business processes are integrated into the design.

  3. Product Development:

    This stage is the conclusion of all abstract activities including design and architectural framework. This is the critical phase in which the design ideas and requirements are given a concrete and perceptible shape.

    This stage involves a close interaction between:
    Quality Engineers

  4. Product Testing:

    The product that was merely an idea earlier has to be tested on various parameters to ascertain its expediency and robustness up to the satisfaction of our client and also to reduce the maintenance cost. We offer Unit Test, Integration Test, System Test, Stress Test and Load Test, and ensure that product is bug free and usable.

  5. Product Installation & Technical Manual:

    We provide product installation & packaging services. We offer standard installation methodology which is easy to use and reduce complexity of installing the product. Windows MSI Package is delivered with interactive screen to check the system against installation requirement.

    We also offer Technical documentation services as part of product development. We prepare installation manual, system manual, user manual administration manual as per your requirement.

  6. Product Maintenance Support:

    Product support is more essential for the smooth operations initially than in the later stage where the product reaches its maturity period and runs on the virtue of its own experience. However the support continues depending upon the client's comfort level and product's robustness.

  7. Product Exit Policy:

    We support product development, maintenance and enhancement for long durations depending on your requirement. We have clear roadmap identified with customer at the time of product visualization phase. We help our customer to define the roadmap for more and major releases of the product. We define the exit time in consultation with customer with Knowledge Transfer, Code Repository, Bug Database etc.; and help the product life cycle maintenance for our customers.