Magento was a direct response to the emerging new needs of today's online merchants. More than any feature or functionality what our clients really needed was "flexibility." Our primary goal with Magento was to develop a platform that put the control back in the hands of the online merchant and placed no constraints on business processes and flow.

Magento is a new professional open-source ecommerce solution offering unprecedented flexibility and control. Magento was designed with the notion that each eCommerce implementation has to be unique since no two businesses are alike. Magento's modular architecture puts the control back in the hands of the online merchant and places no constraints on business processes and flow. Magento Support all major Shipping Module and the key feature in magento is Shipping to Multiple Address in One Order. Magento is available on GPL (General Public Licence).

Why use Magento?

Here are few features that magento offers and it defers from other open source platforms

  • Easy-to-Use Admin System
  • Single Page Checkout
  • Ship to Multiple Addresses
  • Change Prices Site-wide quickly
  • Administer Multiple Websites
  • SEO compatible

Our Magento Development and Customization Services

  • Custom Landing Page Design
  • Photo Editing
  • Buttons, Widgets and Special Effects
  • Callout Graphics
  • Customization Magento Themes Design
  • Magento e Commerce Design & Development
  • Magento Themes Design
  • Customized Magento Themes Design & Integration
  • Website Development
  • E commerce Online Store Development using Magento Platform
  • Shopping Cart with CMS
  • SEO for Online Store using Magento
  • Magento Custom Modules Integration
  • Magento Templates Development
  • Payment Gateway
  • XHTML/CSS Enhancements
  • Shipping Methods
  • CMS pages
  • Magento Skins

Features of Magento

  • Control multiple websites and stores from one Administration Panel with ability to share as much or      as little information as needed
  • Multi-Lingual
  • Support for localization
  • Advanced Pricing Rules and Support for Special Price
  • Administration Permission System Roles and Users
  • Admin Dashboard for Report Overview
  • Layered / Faceted Navigation for filtering of Products
  • Flexible tax rate management with support for US and International markets
  • Customer Groups
  • Content Management System for Informational Pages
  • One click upgrades

Magento provide robust and very useful SEO features which are not provided by any other e-commerce open source

  • Google Site Map
  • URL Rewrites , full control of URL's
  • Meta-information for products and categories
  • Auto-generated Site Map
  • Auto-Generated Popular Search Terms Page