Why TechTeer?

  • Low Cost
    As we are situated at India – the preferred outsourcing destination for all IT related services across the globe, the cost of Software development/Software services will be signifincantly lower than cost at your home conuntry. Techteer will empower you to enjoy cost reduction by atleast 40% to 50% due to customer friendly engagement models and outsourcing obvious advantages.

  • High quality Work
    Quality of work is very important to us. We never do any compromise in the quality. We have devised our own model of quality assurance. Prior to releasing any delivarables to client, our internal quality team audits it for quality and gives internal quality certificate. Unless delivarbles scores required quality points, we never deliver it to the client.

  • Strong Customer Support Framework
    We are very good at providing after sales services. We provide 24*7 customer support to our clients. On an average, we provide 12 weeks of free after sales support to the customers but duration may vary based on project and engagement model selected. We offer flexible paid customer support models which allows clients to select appropriate model as per their need.

  • Process Adherence
    We are process oriented organization. We believe in Software Enginnering principals and all our Projects are executed as per defined Process of TechTeer. Project excecution methodologies/models may vary depanding upon the scope of the project. We master typical Waterfall model as well Agile project execution model.

  • Consulting Approach
    We are consultants and not conractors. Meaning to say, we not only execute client’s projects, we also consults them as and when required. We properly understands clients business processes and client’s expectations from the project and then aligns accordingly. Our consultant approach allows clients to rip better ROI.

  • Highly skilled and Stable Workforce
    All our employees are highly educated and highly skilled. Our recruitment processes/policies are strict and we are very choosy in selecting employees. For us, our employees are our assets. We have very good employee retention policies and renumuration models which results in high employee satisfaction and low iteration rate.