Business Models

TechTeer offers various Project engagement models which allows client to select appropriate model as per their requirments.
  • Time and Material
    It is not always possible to define excat scope and requirements for project at the start of the project.Time and Material model is best suitable for these type of Projects. Based on requirements and Timeline of proejct,TechTeer suggests number of resources required for project. Client is billed based on number of hours worked on the Project. We practise strong project execution and reporting methodologies and provide weekly timesheets to the client along with task breakup. This model allows client to shrink/expand team as per the need.

  • Fixed Cost
    When Project requirments and schedule is fixed in advance, fixed cost project engagement model provides better ROI to the client. Under this options, Techteer and Client aggries upon fixed cost of project well in advance.TechTeer defines Milestones along with Schedule of the project and delivery is milestone based. This model reduces the risk for client and allows smooth execution.

  • Dedicated Developers
    Sometimes, based on project requirements,customers needs dedicated employees to work on their project. Client need full control over Task allocation and Project Management.Techteer’s Dedicated Developers model is designed to address clien’t dedicated employee need. TechTeer charges fixed fee for the dedicated employee and ensures that same employee will not work on any other task except the task assigned by the client.