Content Management System (CMS)

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Talking of content management system (CMS), it can be described as the holistic functional and managing unit that allows any corpus website or portal to manage and update the content efficiently. An ideal CMS sets to success the protocols of online business that makes it a good bargain for web based companies. TechTeer Systems provides futuristic solutions to corporate when it comes to content creation, management, web distribution, publishing and much beyond.

TechTeer Systems takes a lead role in structuring and enhancing the appeal of website; the appearance of the content pages and advanced navigation control features. We take the pride in our seasoned techies who are aware about the length and breadth of different online content management systems and bring forth custom CMS Development solutions that go in line with the client’s business logic.

The completely enhanced custom CMS development solutions designed by TechTeer Systems are packed with innovative range of features that include, seamless integrity, increased consistency, easy website navigation facility, greater flexibility, flawless authoring process, extremely subsidized website maintenance, cross platform support and enhanced interface to add third party utilities.

Benefits of this CMS
  • Website content editorial service.
  • Admin can easily handle the entire CMS
* dynamically add pages and categories by admin

* Hierarchical Structure of Category(parent child relation based)

* SEO friendly CMS
  • Content styling.

  • Editing facilities for Existing Pages.

  • Content placement and formatting.

  • Flexible images, videos, and new page designing.

  • Custom Page Naming.

  • Custom Keyword Customization.

  • Custom Meta Description for the page.

  • Global Templates Customization.

  • Page Meta Title Customization.

  • Admin / User / Modules.

  • Page Content Keyword Density Statistics.

  • WYSIWYG Editor for document formatting.

  • Global Document Re-Activation.

  • Standardization of over all web styling.

Technology :
  • ASP.NET using C#

  • Sql Server 2005

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